Thursday, February 25, 2010

Handling events of the RunBase dialog controls

It is required sometimes to handle events of the controls on the RunBase dialog, like modified or lookup. Since these controls are added to the dialog in runtime there seems to be no place where event handlers can be added. However there is a possibility to do that. To do that dialogPostRun method should be overridden and contain the following code:
public void dialogPostRun(DialogRunbase _dialog)


Note, that in the code above the RunBase class itself is used as event handler (by passing this to the controlMethodOverloadObject() method), but it is possible to create a separate class for handling events.

Afterwards event handlers can be created as method with specific name: _. Control name can be found in the dialog user setup. For example, the following method will handle modify event of the first field control on the dialog:
public void fld1_1_modified()
    Object control;

    control = dialog.formRun().controlCallingMethod();

        info(“Modified triggered!”);


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