Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Instantiating query object

Constructor of the Query class has default anytype parameter named _source. To my knowledge there are four different ways to use it:
  1. Instantiating an empty query – no parameter value should be specified:
    Query q = new Query();

  2. Instantiating a query based on the AOT query:
    Query q = new Query(querystr(Alertsetup));

  3. Instantiating a query as the copy of another query:
    Query q1 = new Query();
    Query q2 = new Query(q1);

  4. Instantiating a query from the container with the packed query
    Query q1 = new Query();
    Query q2 = new Query(q1.pack());

Is there anything else that can be used as a source for constructing a query?


  1. Query q2 = new Query(q1.pack(false));

    this is to copy a query and not the object....

  2. Actually this parameter is an interesting one.

    Do you know the exact difference between query.pack(true) and query.pack(false). What will be copien and what not?

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