Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Intellisense in AX 2012

Intellisense in AX 2012 was significantly improved (or actually, redesigned). Now it is much closer to the visual studio intellisense.
Suggestions are presented to the user while typing for types (tables, classes, extended data types, etc.), class members and methods, local variables, intrinsic and global functions, keywords. Namespaces and types from the referenced .NET assemblies are also suggested.

Descriptions for methods were also improved. Now they include XML documentation for the methods. That is really helpful.


  1. Same functionality also exist for DAX3.0, DAX4.0 and DAX2009.
    All you need is to install AxAssist add-on for Dynamics AX.

  2. Agree, AxAssist is a great tool.
    But having more advanced intellisense out of the box is nice. That's like VS intellisense and ReSharper.